SEO Glossary

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Above the fold Definition: Refers originally to the top part of a newspaper, the term is used on the internet specifically to describe the top part of a landing page that is visible without having to scroll down. Also a great book by Brian Miller Marketing folk believe it is the best place for product placement or banner advertising. Above the fold differs slightly depending on the monitors settings, the higher the number the further the fold will be down the page.

Acquisition Definition: A term often used in online/digital marketing that describes the point at which a visitor becomes a qualified lead. Generally this is the point where the visitor commits to buy the product/service or provides their contact details as well as indicating some interest in your product. They may also subscribe to a newsletter or decide to follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

Acquisition cost Definition: The total cost for an advertising or marketing campaign divided by the number of visitors also known as visitor acquisition cost or divided by the number of customers AKA customer acquisition cost. Monitoring the cost of acquisition is an important factor when running effective PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

Algorithm Definition: An algorithm is a set of finite, orderly steps normally used when attempting to solve a mathematical problem. All Search Engine use a their own algorithm, which is set to calculate the relevance of its indexed web pages to your query. The results are of sites ranked in the order that the search engine believes most applicable. Search engine algorithms like KFC's Recipe and kept secret to prevent misuse of algorithmic results. The algorithms are also changed frequently to incorporate new data and improve relevancy .i.e. the PANDA update from Google in June 2011.To date White Hat SEO has not been drastically affected by these algorithmic changes.

Algorithmic Results Definition: Algorithmic results are the listings search engines provide in response to a query (see above). They are may also be known as "Organic Listings" as opposed to "Paid Listings" because their rank is based on relevancy to the query that has been typed rather than advertising revenue which has been paid to the search engine. Paid listings appear sometimes alongside the algorithmic results in search engines, providing they are relevant. Improving a website's (free) algorithmic results is known as Natural Search Engine Optimization.

Alt Tag/Alt Text/alternate text Definition: An alt tag is the HTML text that pops up while an image is loading or when a cursor is placed over an image. Alt text is also useful in Search Engine Optimization as it is possible to include the keywords that a search engine is looking for in response to a query. It also provides further detail of an image to facilitate and improve the web page access for people with a range of disabilities.

Analytics Definition: Analytics refers to the technology, programming, and data used in Search Engine Marketing to analyze a marketing campaign or a website's performance.

Anchor Text Definition: Also known as link text, anchor text is the visible, clickable text between the HTML anchor and tags. Clicking on anchor text activates a Hyperlink to another page within your site or another web site. Anchor text is very important in Search Engine Optimization because search engine algorithms consider the Hyperlink keywords as relevant to the Landing Page. You can use anchor text in: •External links - links from other sites to yours •Internal links - links within your site from page to page •Navigation maps

Back links Definition: Also known as back link, backward link, or inbound links, back links are all of the links on other websites that direct the users who click on them to your site. Back links can significantly improve your site's search rankings, particularly if they contain Anchor Text keywords relevant to your site and are located on sites with high Page Rank. When asking other sites to link to your site, it is a good idea to give them the HTML code ready to paste into their page. In doing so you choose what the anchor text actually says.

Banned Site Definition: Also known as blacklisted or delisted, a banned sites URL that has been removed from a search engine's Index, typically for engaging in Black Hat SEO or something else unethical . Banned sites are overlooked by search engines.