How To Survive the Google ZEBRA Update!

Sep 04, 2012

White-Hat SEO is Key!

For the life of me, I do not understand why people can't grasp the fact that white-hat SEO will keep you from being affected by google's algorithm updates. If you are sure to follow google's SEO regulations and tips, then you will have nothing to fear.

Relevant Content, Zero Spam!

One of the best ways to avoid having your google search engine results being negatively affected by google's algorithm updates is simply to have relevant content that people want to read with zero spam that would cause a user to wonder why he/she is being subjected to such non-related material. Forcing spam upon people is absolutely not the way to market yourself or others. I do not know a single person who is going to acknowledge something that they are extremely annoyed by.

People use google to search the internet. This is obvious. The typical person will have an idea of what they are searching for and will have a goal set on finding items related to their idea. When they are distracted or bothered by completely non-relevant results, they are turned off to the provider of the non-relevant result, whether they feel it is google, the website hosting the material, or in most cases - a combination of both.

The people you would like to have stumble upon your website are those searching for your content. These people are the ones most likely to contribute or convert.